I am going to buy a scope
Heute habe ich gesehen wie wichtig ein gutes Oszilloskop ist, deswegen möchte ich mir jetzt eins kaufen.

Today i had seen how important is a scope, so i decided to buy one.

Ich möchte mir das UT 2042 C von UNI-T kaufen.

I want to buy the UT 2042 from UNI-T.

Bandwidth 40 MHz
Rise Time ≤8.7 ns
Sample Range 1GS/s
Vertical Sensitivity 2mV ~ 5V/div
Record Length (Max) 25k
Sample Rate Real time 1GS/s, Equivalent: 50GS/s
Scan Time Base 10ns ~ 50s/div 
Trigger Type Edge, Pulse, Video and Alternate
Automatic Waveform Measurements 28
Ports Standard: USB Device, USB Host; PASS/FAIL, Optional: LAN
Mathematics Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Reverse and FFT
Applications College Education, R&D, Electronic product assemble line, Industrial Control etc.
Display 64k, Full colour LCD 320 x 240

But i am not sure, should i buy it? On the one hand i can use the oscilloscope in school (but i can't use it very often). On the other hand i want to have my own oscilloscope (But it's very expensive)

Rfid emultor and Scope
Heute habe ich meinen RFID emulator mit in die Schule genommen. Unsere Schule hat ein sehr gutes Digitales oszilloskop. Aber nach einer Stunde vergeblicher Suche des Signals habe ich aufgegeben. Man hat nur Störungen und ein komisches Auschwingen der Spule alle 20ms gesehen.

Today I have took my RFID emulator to school. Our school has a very good digital oscilloscope. But after an hour of fruitless search for the signal I gave up. It has been seen only faults and a strange outswing of the coil every 20ms.

ID generator
I have finished the ID generator. It generates an EM4001 compatible ID.
It calculates the row and the column parity bits from any Rfid Data.

The finished emultor
I have assembled my emulator.

The PCB's are there!
Now my PCB's are there. It tooks more than 2weeks to ship them
from Bulgaria to Germany.

I had bought the them at Bilex in Bulgaria.

Von RFID-emulator1

Von RFID-emulator1

Von RFID-emulator1

3D eagle
With 3Deagle you can convert eagle .brd files to 3D .pov files.
After you have routed the board you must execute the 3d41 ULP
These ULP produce the pov. file.

And with PovRay you can render the file.

You can produce a picture of you're board or even a movie.

a animated movie of my Emulator

Von RFID-emulator1
a preview picture of my emulator

The RS232 connection works!
The RS232 connection to my emulator works!

Now i am  going to make a BrutForce skript.

Avr Slax
I have found this: http://www.lost-byte.de/avrslax.php

It's an Avr Linux that has the Avr Gcc compiler onboard and the burning tools for the Avr's
It based on Slax.

I hope it's easier with Avr Slax to compile avr-gcc programs :)

Rfid-emulator PCB
I have routed the pcb for my emulator.

Von RFID-emulator1

I have received the coils for my RFID emulator
Today i have received my ordered RFID coils. They are very cheap and can bought here

Von RFID-emulator1
my selfmade coil

Von RFID-emulator1

my bought coils


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