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iPod Linux
I installed Linux on my iPod Video (5.Gen, 30gb).
I used this tutorial to install it. I installed it manually because i wan't to learn something about linux and it's file
system and because the automatic installer doesn't support my iPod.

Linux on my Pod

My first attemp failed... i thought i killed my iPod because it reboots endlessly :(
But after a search on the web i found out how to set the iPod into Disk mode.

Then i tried again and look it's working.

The Bootloader

The Console

Currently i try to wrtie some programs for it. The iPod CPU based on an ARM7 core. So i need ARM-GCC to compile C code. But i am to stupid to install AMR-GCC on my machine. The the strange thing is that i tried it under Linux and Windows but i get under Linux and Windows the same strange erros. O.o

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