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Toshiba T1200
Ein kleiner Eintrag über meinen T1200.
Das tolle ist das er immer noch einwandfrei funktioniert.
Er ist von 1986.

A small entry on my T1200.
The crazy is that it is still working right.
He is from 1986.


Das Innenleben :)
Inside view

Was mich erstaunte war das sogar einige SMD teile verbaut waren.
What surprised me was that even some SMD parts were installed.

3 serielle schnittstellen :)
3 Com ports

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Hello my German Friend ;)

Super device! I like it very much.

BTW Wikipedia and say that first T1200 were made in 1987 (here and here).

Yes you're right. Maybe it was only designed in 1986.

when it boots up it displayes the following message:

(c) Toshiba 1986

Maybe it's year of DOS production for Toshiba or smth else.

3 serials!
this is just a terrorist's tool! =))

Mine is not working anymore :(


I also have one of those T1200 laptops. For 2 years ago, it still worked perfectly. Later on, the notebook was stored in the basement.
Last week, I wanted to try it again, but alas, the only thing I get is a flashing red light on the left top corner of the laptop.
Heard it could be the cmos battery, so I tried to replace it with 2 AA (2,4 V ) batteries. Without luck.

I also found a strange, yellow cilinder in the right top corner ( on your second picture, it is a little visible ). Do you know if this is also a battery?

Grüßen aus Belgien :-)

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